Bloggin' Bubba

I'm a big hairy cat with a teeny tiny mew! A couple of years ago my favorite bud, Gus, died. He was just a kid yet, but the doctor misdiagnosed his problem. I felt BAD. Then my people kept bringing NEW cats into the house. I didn't like any of them! I still don't - except for - just maybe - that little calico that keeps bugging me. They'd better keep their paws off MY keyboard too!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

My mommi brushed me today! Now I'm glad she's back... cuz before I wuzn't sher if she membered me er not, so's I jumped up on the big desk! That's where I go ta tell her ta brush me. This here's a pitcher of a giant hairy thing that looks like a cat but it don't smell like one. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Trouble-Makin' EllieMae...

This here is that trouble-makin' gurl! She jist walked in one day with three little teeny tiny mewling things that looked like mice, but she wasunt eatin' em... she wuz feedin' 'em... from her belly if you kin bulieve that! They turned out to be cats!

My mommi gived the boy and the uther gurl away but the littlest one is kinda cute. I 'dopted her 'n she's my little buddy now! But that Ellie? Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!

Hi y'all! I kinda furgot about this here website thing... I'm ony a cat after all. Then my mommi showed me this here dawg's website... grrr! That kinda got my dander up if you git my drift. Then she showed me this here really cute gurl kitty kat's website.... mmmmm! hmmmmmm!

I guiss I'm gonna start ta bloggin' agin! I used ta be answerin' my friend Otto's Monday Madness a lot but that's kinda hard! I'm ony a kat after all. After seein' them other cool websites I'm thinkin' I might put up a pitcher ever' now en agin! Whatta ya' think?

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hello there Lycos!!! Yer not bad lookin' fer a dawg!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Monday Madness
1. Who hosts your blog or personal website? If you don't have one, have you considered starting a blog? Blogger... meow!

2. What prompted you to choose the color combination/background for your personal blog or website? It's kinda like the colur of my fur.... an' then i axally gots a pitcher a' my fur fur the background!!!

3. Have you ever considered switching 'blog hosts/services'?? Nope... had anuf truble fixin' up the one I gots!

....and a bonus question because I need to know that my faithful participants will keep coming back after I move.........
4. Will you visit Monday Madness at it's new "home?" yupper doodle dooooo! I shur em gunna still do it... cuz I luv YOU! meow!

Monday, June 02, 2003

Monday Madness
1. If I were a flower, I would be catnip. Why? Cuz it smells so good i'd get them other cats by me so's i could beat 'em up an' git 'em scared to hang around me!
2. If I were a computer, I would be a little one. Why? So's i'd have more room in front fer me ta lay down whilst my mommi's usin' it.
3. If I were an animal, I would be a/an _______________. Why? Whut!!!?? I AM a puddy tat! meow!

Monday, May 19, 2003

Monday Madness
1. If somebody gave you a ticket and all expenses paid, would you travel to France for your vacation? Why or why not? What's a France?

2. If you had a chance to be on 'Survivor' and had to use your vacation time for part of the experience, would you? Feel free to explain. I watch survivor with my mommi! i like survivor!

3. Are you going on a vacation this summer (or any time this year) and if so, where to? Why did you pick this place? My mommi used to take us in the big noisy machine to another house a lot but i used ta cry all a the way to it and back home so i don't do no more goin' no where no how! Meow!